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Colorado Chinese Medicine University

(Formerly Colorado Chinese Medicine University)

As of May 2023, we are 1 of 3 universities in the US which provide all of the MAc, MAcCHM, DAc, DAcCHM, and DAOM degrees.

We established the 1st DAOM programs in Classic Chinese Medicine specialized in increasing clinical effectiveness in 2022.

Start training for your new career at Colorado’s oldest & most trusted Chinese medicine school specializing in acupuncture and medicinal herbs.

Earn a Master’s degree, Doctoral degree, dual Master and Doctoral degree, or advanced Doctoral degree.


CCMU(CSTCM) is the oldest Chinese medicine school in Colorado. We offer all the MAc, MAcCHM, DAc, DAcCHM and DAOM degrees. We faithfully devote all our attention, resources, and energy to our Chinese Medicine programs, students, faculty, and staff at our Denver campus.
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    Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioners

    Earn a Dual Degree Master / Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Degree (MAcCHM-DAcCHM) or a Dual Degree Master/Doctor of Acupuncture Degree (MAc-DAc) From CCMU, an established graduate school leading the way in acupuncture education for more than 33 years.

    As an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine School (TCM School) Colorado Chinese Medicine University (CCMU, formerly Colorado Chinese Medicine University(CSTCM)) offers a graduate level educational program with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and related modalities, tui na (physiotherapy/therapeutic massage), internal medicine (Chinese herbal medicine), Chinese nutrition, and energetic exercise/meditation) with a grounding in Western medicine, all as it is currently taught in mainland China.

    Earn an Advanced Doctor (DAOM) Degree 

    CCMU’s advanced DAOM degree program is based on effective practical methods from the classics of Chinese Medicine. It includes in-depth theory and practical application of Xiaochuan Pan’s Self Consistent System of Classic Chinese Medicine. The Chinese Medicine classics are self-consistent, self-contained, and sempiternal collections of centuries of observation of humanity’s relationship to the universe’s cycles of nature and cosmology. 

    The CCMU DAOM program is an advanced practice doctoral program in Chinese Medicine from the classical texts with a focus on clinical application. It provides in-depth theory and practice in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and integrative medicine.

    Excellent & Affordable Higher Education

    ​Downtown Campus

    CCMU has over 12,600 square feet of classrooms, an extensive pharmacy, and a comprehensive library.

    Academic Accreditation

    CCMU is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM).

    Affordable public clinic

    Advanced Student Acupuncture clinic – student interns treat patients in our low-cost public clinic under direct supervision by Colorado State licensed acupuncturist. 

    Dedication To Excellence

    CCMU is dedicated to being one of the leaders in high-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education.